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We are campaigning to protect the River Lawn from being sold off by TMBC and then developed into residential units by property developers. This site and the old CAB building in River Walk are both being sold to the highest bidder and Tonbridge is going to lose two more valuable green spaces. As with previous developments by the river, it will cast the area into darkness and make it unappealing for pedestrian traffic and hide fantastic views of the parks and river.


We want a proper well-promoted public consultation and a vote on what is happening to the heart of our town centre before irreparable damage is done. This short-termism benefits TMBC’s coffers in the short-term to the permanent detriment of the Tonbridge community as a whole.


We do not want flats blocking the views, we want to enjoy and preserve the grass and trees and characterful buildings in the Tonbridge Conservation Area.


We believe selling these sites is bad for our environment and bad business for TMBC. You have to question the motives of elected officials who attempt to covertly sell off public land and property without a proper community consultation. What could the possible motivation be behind not asking the townsfolk their opinion on such a drastic change to our town?

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